Lawyers are often asked to prepare Wills. In current times there is no such thing as a standard Will. The Maleys Barristers team have experience with all aspects of drafting Wills, obtaining Probate and administering estates.

A Will, or testamentary disposition, is a written instruction about what you want to happen to your possessions when you die and who you want to implement that instruction. It can also include instructions regarding burial and what should happen to any assets you may hold on behalf of others as trustee.

If you die without a Will, you die intestate, which means your property will be distributed among your next of kin in accordance with State legislation enacted to cover this eventuality.

A basic Will should contain:

  • The name and address of the person making the Will;

  • A clause that revokes former Wills or Testamentary writings;

  • Appointment of at least one executor to administer your estate in accordance with your Will;

  • Statement effecting how you wish to dispose of your property to your beneficiaries;

  • The date the Will was made, this will stop any confusion as to which Will is in fact the Last Will and Testament.

  • Execution clause where you sign and two witnesses attest to you signing your Will.

Your Original Will should be stored in a safe place and your executor should be provided with a copy. At Maleys Barristers we are happy to store your Will in our safe, at no cost to you.

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