Maleys Barristers has expert family lawyers who can help you and your ex partner reach agreement about child parenting arrangements.

Arrangements can include matters such as:

  • how much time a child should spend with a parent?
  • who the child should live with?
  • who pays for interstate travel if one parent lives outside the NT?
  • what happens at Christmas & during school holidays?

The law says separating parents must try and reach agreement about parenting arrangements for their child/ren before going to Court. There are exceptions to this such as family (domestic) violence and urgency.

Our lawyers can take your matter to Court if no agreement is reached or if there are reasons to do so such as urgency. (An urgent situation may arise, for example, where your ex partner wants to take the child/ren interstate to live without your permission).

In all parenting matters the most important consideration is the “best interests” of the child. For more information go to or

Our lawyers are trained in mediation and have expertise in Court.

A Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) can help you and your ex-partner reach an agreement. If you want to find an FDRP in your area go to Maleys Barristers have an in-house registered FDRP who can help with parenting and property matters.

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